Serving the North West & Beyond

Mullan Motorcycles was established in 2015 by Stephen Mullan.

Stephen was introduced to bikes at an early age by his father and upon completing his A-Levels in Northern Ireland, Stephen left for London where he studied “Motorcycle Engineering” at Merton College.

Bikes for future technicians at Merton College to take apart and rebuild during their study
Bikes for future technicians at Merton College to disassemble and rebuild during their study

Following his graduation, Stephen took a role as technician in a North Kensington motorcycle garage to further his understanding of the trade. During his tenure at the long-established Motorcycle Service Centre, he was fortunate enough to work on every marque of bike imaginable whether in the capacity of technician or MOT tester.

Stephen was responsible for service, maintenance and repair of motorcycles in his day-to-day role but due his skill and creativity, he was often tasked with mapping racing/track bikes and custom fuel set-ups complex rebuilds, overhauls and “project bikes”.

Stephen has worked on bikes belonging to celebrities, track racers and stunt drivers, quickly building up a name for himself along with an exclusive and dedicated client list during his time in London.

20140517_194218 (2)

Following a decision to relocate to Northern Ireland Stephen has this year established his business in Derry / Londonderry with the intention to serve the biking communities in both North West of Northern Ireland and also the provinces across the border in the Republic of Ireland.


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